Cold War


A film so beautiful I can’t stop playing it over in my head. A Polish drama directed by Paweł Pawlikowski telling the story of a love affair spanning the lives of two quite unfortunate beings. The pianist and composer, Wiktor Warski, casts a young mysterious  Zuzanna “Zula” Lichoń, in the folk performance he has written along with his partner. Their lives change dramatically and the lovely ebb and flow of watching it all is hypnotic. Several scenes stick out; Zula floating along on her back in a river singing – haunting and beautiful. The scene pictured above, a large mirror reflecting the room back to us whilst three characters stand watching the celebrations unfurl. Both of our protagonists embracing on a boat sailing down the Seine at night – the camera looks up at trees and Notre Dame, passes couples on benches and carries you the viewer. Perfectly depicting heady, euphoric nights. Really, very good acting and beautiful cinematography. Watch it, watch it now.



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